Xiaomi Opens the Android Pie Beta Program for Mi A2 Lite

10 Most Popular Android Smartphones This Month

1. Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)
This week, the Galaxy A7 ranked first as the most popular Android smartphone this week. This phone is very attractive to consumer interest because of the super luxurious design it carries and the Triple Camera on the back.

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro
The Redmi Note 6 Pro is also increasingly popular this week with the second position, even though last week the phone was in the top five.

3. Huawei Mate 20 Pro
In third place there is a flagship smartphone from Hauwei which was just launched a few weeks ago, this phone brings a super elegant design with a unique rear camera placement forming a box, making this phone look different from most smartphones.

4. OnePlus 6T
The next position is occupied by OnePlus 6T, this phone has also just been launched some time ago and is immediately in third place. This phone is increasingly popular because it is reported to have super fast performance, even the AnTuTu mobile phone score almost touches 300 thousand points.

5. Xiaomi Pocophone F1
At the beginning of its release, the Pocophone F1 immediately hit the global smartphone market, because it boldly offered a super cheap price compared to the best processor which was previously only pinned on flagship phones.

6. Huawei Honor 8X
Next is the Honor 8X, this phone attracts attention from the side of the design offered. Super luxurious and elegant, even though the price of this smartphone is very affordable.

7. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
The smartphone that was just launched by Xiaomi, the Mi Mix 3 has actually decreased in popularity this week. Last week, this cellphone made it into the top four, and now it has to go down 3 ranks at the 7th position Mi Mix 3 became popular because of the new design that Xiaomi brought, this phone implements a slider design that is shifted manually.

8. Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)
Most of you will be immediately interested in this smartphone. How not? Because Samsung presents the Galaxy A9 (2018) with 4 rear camera modules at once. Moreover, the finishing of the smartphone body is elegant and luxurious.

9. Samsung Galaxy S8
Nine is occupied by the Galaxy S8, this phone is quite consistent from last week to this week, without experiencing a decline and increase the ranking of popularity. Even though the Galaxy S8 was released last 2017, but with the design and processor used, it is still able to compete with other smartphones that have just been launched.

10. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro
The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro is never absent from the 10 most popular smartphones every week. It is quite encouraging considering that this smartphone was released from May 2018 to the present.