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5G Network Internet Rates

Every day there are always innovations given by humans. The present invention is always related to technology.
For technological discoveries that are still very hot to discuss, of course, the development of 5G networks.

The 5G technology itself will start operating in Indonesia, reportedly next year. 5G has also been tested by several operators and the speed reaches 16GB / s.

So how much will the 4G internet price be?
This news actually does not come from within the country, but from one of China's providers, China Telecom.

This provider revealed that there will be various multi-platform 5G networks such as webcasting and gaming services and several types of streaming services.

The provider also revealed that later per gigabyte tariff for 5G networks would be much cheaper than 4G. With an estimate of around 10 yuan or 20 thousand every 10GB of data we use or even cheaper.

In South Korea, the plan is to launch a 5G technology or network next year.