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5G Smartphones That Will Be Present in 2019

The rapid development of technology so that it feels very short feels that just yesterday we used a 4G network that was almost reached in 95% of countries in the world, now when the 5G network is ready to replace it. The 5G network is the 5th generation of cellular networks that are believed to have speeds of 7-10 times faster than 4G (LTE) networks.
In the upcoming 2019 smartphone manufacturers race each other to issue smartphones with 5G nets, It looks like 2019 will be the year 5G is ready to colonize the world of smartphone. Here are 6 Smartphones that have supported 5G technology which was rumored to be released in 2019.

Galaxy S10
Next year, Samsung will present two smartphones, the Smartphone "fold" and the Galaxy S10. Last August Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S10 will not be the first Samsung Smartphone with a 5G network. But later Qualcomm, a Samsung Partner, said that the new generation of chips, namely Snapdragon 855, would match the 5G network. Seeing the track record of the Galaxy S series is always the first Smartphone with these chips, there is a possibility that the Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a 5G network

Google (Pixel)
Although until now there has been no official statement from Google on the 5G network. But Verizon, as the exclusive carrier Google's Pixel has stated that "early" 2019, 5G networks have begun to be available and Verizon is taking steps to become the first 5G network provider. So it's very possible that Pixel 4 will have a 5G network next year.

Sprint announced that along with LG will release a 5G Smartphone in the first half of 2019. Although there is still no statement regarding the name of the LG Smartphone, Sprint said "The LG smartphone has a different look and you will know that it is a 5G Smartphone".

Lenovo (Motorola)
Lenovo has just confirmed that the Motorola Moto Z3 will be available with 5G networks using Moto Mod, accessories that are glued to the back of the cellphone. By using this Moto Mod, your smartphone data transfer can reach 10 times faster than 4G LTE.

In June, Huawei promised its first 5G Smartphone will be launched before the end of June 2019. Senior Huawei confirmed that their next two flagship products will be launched in March and September. The P Series, Huawei P30, will be released next March. While the Mate series will be released Spetember. If the 5G network will be available in the P series, if not then it will be available in the Mate series. And the next good news, Huawei Boss, Richard Yu, has confirmed that the next 5G Smartphone from Huawei is also a "Folding" Smartphone

It has been confirmed by the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, that Smartphone 5G will be released to the market in 2019. This means that OnePlus 7 or maybe OnePlus 7T will be a 5G Smartphone from OnePlus which is usually released in May or July.

Now that was the 6 smartphones that have 5G technology that is mandatory later in 2019. Keep in mind that this is only a list to date, and certainly will develop in the future when other smartphone manufacturers start announcing their line-up. Are you interested in trying out this 5G smartphone? Of course when the network service provider here has provided a 5G network too.